Seminario del grupo de teoría de Lie

Moritz Weber – Lunes 29 de junio 14:00hs

Classification of compact matrix quantum groups

Resumen: Since the work by Schur-Weyl, Tannaka-Krein, Brauer etc, it is known that diagrammatic tools may be employed for studying the representation theory of compact groups. Building on a Tannaka-Krein result by Woronowicz from the 1980s, Banica and Speicher defined so called „easy“ quantum groups in 2009 as a class whose representation theory is governed by a calculus on partitions of sets. In this talk, we will briefly introduce to compact matrix quantum groups in general and „easy» quantum groups in particular. We will then survey the classification of „easy» quantum groups by combinatorial means. Some relations with Deligne’s interpolating categories will be mentioned, see also the recent preprint by Flake-Maassen on arXiv.