Seminar of June 6th

7/6/2018, Room 27, 2:30 pm, FaMAF

From Hopf Algebras to tensor categories


Speaker: Héctor Peña Pollastri

This talk follows the exposition given in [1]. We’ll show a systematic way to construct tensor categories from categories of representations of certain Hopf Algebras taking the quotient by objects of zero quantum-trace (a process which was introduced in [2]).
In particular, we’ll require the Hopf algebra to be spherical, notion which we’ll explain and also show some conditions that guarantee that a given Hopf algebra is of this type. After this, we’ll discuss how to obtain fusion subcategories from the tensor categories constructed before, in particular, we’ll explain the method of Tilting modules for quasi hereditary Algebras [3]. Finally, we’ll discuss the special case of quantum groups with q a foot of unity, where the Tilting modules are obtained using good filtrations and Weyl filtrations.

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