Seminar of August 30th

 30/8/2018, Room 27, 14:30 hs FAMAF

On the SO(n+3) to SO(n) branching multiplicity space


Speaker: Fiorella Rossi Bertone


Let \(\pi\) be an irreducible representation of a compact Lie group G. Consider the restriction of  \(\pi\) to a closed subgroup L of G. In general, this restriction is not irreducible and its decomposition as irreducible L-modules is called branching law.

In this talk, we will focus on the case when the subgroup L of G is KxH with K and H are closed subgroups of G. Since K and H commute to each other, the multiplicity spaces of the restriction of G to K inherit an H-module structure.
We will present some results obtained in a joint work with E. Lauret when G=SO(n+3) and KxH= SO(n) x SO(3).